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Boilers are essential for many industries, from manufacturing to power generation. Several factors affect the efficiency and the fuel consumption rate of the boiler. If your boiler suddenly starts consuming excess fuel, then be sure of the fact that your boiler is either poorly installed or suffering from some defects. Get in touch with professionals for boiler repairs in Newcastle immediately. Before it gets too late, make sure you fix the same to control the fuel consumption of your faulty boiler.

Why did the fuel consumption of the boiler go up?

Poor Insulation

Poor insulation is one of the primary reasons for high fuel consumption in boilers. If the insulation is inadequate or damaged, heat will escape, resulting in more fuel needed to maintain the required temperature. It is essential to regularly inspect the insulation and repair any damage promptly to avoid increased fuel consumption.

Oversized Boilers

An oversized boiler is a common problem that can lead to high fuel consumption. If a boiler is too big for its application, it will run inefficiently, using more fuel than necessary. It is crucial to ensure that the boiler’s size matches the facility’s needs or application to minimise fuel consumption.

Inefficient Combustion

Inefficient combustion is another reason for high fuel consumption in boilers. If the combustion process is optimal, fuel will be well-spent, resulting in higher costs. Regular maintenance and tuning of the boiler’s combustion system can ensure efficient combustion, reducing fuel consumption.

Excessive Steam Pressure

Excessive steam pressure can also lead to high fuel consumption in boilers. If the steam pressure is too high, the boiler will have to work harder to maintain it, using more fuel. Keeping the steam pressure at the optimal level to minimise fuel consumption is vital.

Poor Water Treatment

Water treatment is crucial for the proper operation of a boiler. If the water is not treated correctly, it can lead to scaling and corrosion, reducing the boiler’s efficiency and increasing fuel consumption. Regular water treatment can help prevent these issues, ensuring optimal boiler performance and reducing fuel costs.

Regular maintenance, tuning, and inspection can help identify and resolve these problems, minimising fuel consumption and reducing costs. Investing in the proper care and maintenance of boilers is essential to ensure optimal performance and cost savings.

If your boiler has been installed improperly, get it fixed with the help of expert boiler repairs in Newcastle from MK Robinson Plumbing & Heating Engineer. We will inspect and fix your issues effectively.