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Are you thinking of installing a new boiler in your home? With innumerable boilers available in the market, the choice for boiler installation gets tricky. However, every boiler type has its own benefits and disadvantages. It completely depends on your needs and the boiler you want to install for your house. When choosing a boiler for the house, it is important to carefully understand and analyse all the options. Do not make the final decision hastily.

Moreover, make sure that you hire professionals for boiler installations in Newcastle. If not installed properly, a boiler can be life-threatening and dangerous.

What are the different types of boilers for homes?

Combination boilers

The combi boilers provide heat and an unlimited supply of hot water to the house with the help of a single unit. The combi boiler is easy to install and only takes up a little space. They also do not require a water tank to store the hot water. The method of the combi boiler is to use the heat exchanger to produce and supply hot water quickly and efficiently throughout the house.

Regular boiler

These are the simplest models of boilers. If you’re low on budget and do not have special requirements, you can easily get a conventional regular boiler installed on your premises. These boilers are also ideal for homes with multiple bathrooms, and a hot water supply is required simultaneously in all the bathrooms.

System boiler

These boilers work similarly to the conventional boiler. However, they have a few external components ideal for home boiler installation. Since you would require high-pressure water flow in the house, hence with the help of a system boiler, you can expect strong water pressure in different parts of the house.

Back boilers

Back boilers are found majorly in the fireplaces of the house. They provide hot water and heating to the home and its surrounding environment. Back boilers have a separate hot water tank installed with around 70% energy efficiency.

With so many options of boilers available, make sure you choose the correct one. If you’re looking for a professional boiler installation in Newcastle, approach MK Robinson Plumbing & Heating Engineer. We offer safe boiler installation and a team of qualified professionals to handle all types of installations accordingly.

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