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Are you planning to buy a new house? If yes, then plumbing is one of the top priorities you must evaluate before closing the deal. As a new homeowner, you would not appreciate dealing with problems like water damage or leaky pipes within a few days of moving in. There are several important checkups you must go through after you find a property of your choice. You can also hire a qualified plumber in Newcastle for inspection and repair. Take a look at some of them.

Top 4 Plumbing Checks You Must Do in a New House

Run the Taps

It may sound obvious to you but ensure to check every shower and faucet in the house. Check whether there is any blockage, like water coming out in fits and starts or limited flow. Besides, check the water pressure as well as high pressure can damage the pipes. On the other hand, low pressure may signify any blockage in the system.

Check for Discoloration and Leaks

Leaky or faulty pipes would probably be the last thing you would want to witness in your new house. Make sure to check thoroughly for signs of water damage like warping, mould buildup around the bathroom or even stains and patches on the walls and ceiling. You can also flush thoroughly in the toilets to check the water flow.

Test Out The Hot Water

You cannot miss checking the hot water system when it comes to plumbing inspection. After all, no one would love to experience showering with chilled water during the winter. Furthermore, replacing a water heater costs a lot. We suggest running the hot water in all the showers as well as the taps. Also, examine the water heater for any damage and faults.

Examine the Sewer Lines

Any issues with the sewer lines can clog up the pipes, eventually leading to a build up of sewage and unpleasant odour. Get a camera inspection of the pipes done if you notice any sign of sewer line obstruction to fix leaks or corrosion. Sometimes, deep tree roots can grow towards the lines that damage them. Inspect the drainage system to avoid further problems.

Meet The Experts

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