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Safety valves are essential for the proper functioning of the boilers. When the safety valve is present, you can be sure that your boiler is performing well and effectively. The valves are the openings that release the excess pressure from the boiler. A predetermined safety pressure controls the pressure level in the boiler. So, the safety valve keeps the boiler’s pressure intact.

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What are the major accessories of a safety valve in a boiler?

Lifting lever

This part of the safety valve works based on the lifting mechanism. If the pressure under the valve’s disc is lower than the pre-set pressure, the lifting lever starts operating.

Plain lever

This lever type is generally used in the safety valve when the vapour is discharged from the open valves. This part of the safety valve is not pressure-tight.

Packed lever

The lifting lever assembly is generally packed around the lever shaft. This accessory is important to prevent leakage in the valve’s upper part.; If there are chances of gas or oil leakage from the boiler, then this valve will be able to protect the same.

What are the different types of safety valves?

Full lift safety valve

This type of safety valve has a spring attached to it designed to lift the valve disk completely from its place. This type of valve is present in high-capacity boilers. In these types of boilers, rapid pressure relief is necessary; hence, this safety valve is necessary.

High lift safety valve

On the other hand, the high-lift safety valve has a spring attached to it that helps raise the disk of the safety valve higher for the full-capacity discharge process. This technicality of increasing the lift allows the valve to discharge more liquid quickly from the valve.

Low lift safety valve

Compared to the high lift safety valve, the spring in a low lift safety valve is designed to lift the valve for a very short distance with a reduced discharge capacity. These valves are effectively used for low-pressure boilers.

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