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In boilers, blowdown is the process of intentionally wasting water so that impurities are not accumulated inside the same. The water is blown out of the boiler by applying steam pressure on the same. If you have got a boiler at your place, then blowdown is a necessary process. Once in a while, it’s good to blow down the boiler. This helps to remove suspended solids and sludge from the bottom of the boiler.

However, excess water loss might happen during the blowdown process if safe blowdown is not practised. If you face any such problems, make sure that you approach professionals for boiler repairs in Newcastle.

If optimised properly, a blowdown process might avoid your trouble. To know more, read on.

What are the losses caused by improper blowdown of boilers?

  • Resulting in high energy losses and high electricity consumption by the boiler.
  • Lowering the quality of the steam being used for the blowdown process.
  • Improper blowdown results in the reduction of the efficiency level of the boilers.
  • Requirement of more amounts of chemicals for regulation of boiler operations.

Types of boiler blowdown

Intermittent blowdown

In this process, suspended solids are removed from the boiling water. A manual breakdown point is usually located at the bottom of the boiler. With time sludge forms, and then the same settles down at the bottom of the boiler. When properly controlled, intermittent blowdown helps to remove the suspended particles and improves the boiler operation. In the case of industrial boiler systems, intermittent blowdown systems take place now and then.

Continuous blowdown

This is the continuous process of blowdown. Unlike the intermittent process, here, the blowdown process takes place continuously. This process offers the advantage of keeping the water inside the boiler free from suspended particles. Proper boiler water quality can be maintained all the time. Moreover, the maximum amount of dissolved solids can also be removed through this process with very minimal loss of water.

Professionals prefer using blowdown separators for proper control over the blowdown process. This separator accommodates a specific flow of water under a given operating pressure. As soon as the flow increases, the flow rate is also changed.

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